When contacting a yorkie breeder?

Been looking for a puppy? And now you have finally found a well-known reputable Yorkie breeder. Congratulations! 

Before you reach out to the breeder ensure:

Your husband/wife/partner and family are on board with your desire to have such a little puppy in their lives. Work out what your budget will be. (Majority of Yorkies are in the $3.5k range. Sometimes a bit less and sometimes up to and over $4k. {Estimated price mid 2023})

Is your home ready for a puppy? Secure fencing? Do you own your own home? Or do you need to get landlord permission before the purchase? (Best to get this in writing).

Yorkie breeders

What if you all work away from the home? What puppy care will you have in place?

They are not dogs that are easily left for long hours by themselves. Up to 6 months of age most vets recommend 3 meals a day. They are also social little creatures and crave the contact of us humans. Most day cares require them to be of a certain age before attending. Have you looked at the options that are available to you? Family? Many reputable breeders will not allow a puppy to go to a home where they will have no care during the day. If you can not organise appropriate care maybe this is not the time for you and your family to have a puppy?

Should you need to make general enquiries with a breeder to get some basic information, such as pricing, litter availability in future, expected wait times on their waiting list, please tell the breeder that you are considering a Yorkie pup sometime in the future.

Yorkie pup is right for you and your family?

When you have decided a Yorkie pup is right for you and your family emotionally and financially then reconnect with the breeder. You may be lucky and find puppies are available when you first reach out or you may have to go onto a waiting list. Learn to be patient. All good things come to those who wait. Expect the breeder to want you to give information on what the puppies life with you will be like. A breeder only wants the best homes for their puppies and do not take this responsibility lightly. If you are wanting breeding rights with the puppy please be clear about this at the beginning. Stay in regular contact with the breeder. Do not expect them to chase after you.

When a breeder has litters of pups she will be incredibly busy. Please understand this. Breeders will actively support the mother dog while she is nursing and they may need to help with supplement feedings day and night, running around doing vet check-ups etc. A breeder can be running on minimal sleep, meeting their own family’s needs and most likely will be talking to other buyers. A good breeder, once families have been selected, will provide photos, videos and also video messaging so the family can see their puppy grow and develop for the first 8-10 weeks. This can be very time consuming. Sometimes a breeder may agree to you visiting your puppy during this growth stage but please be understanding if they should say no. This is a busy time and also these puppies may not yet be of an age where they have had any of their vaccinations. Some breeders would rather you stay away till at least first vaccinations have been given. Your breeder will tell you if it is possible.

If you say you will get back to the breeder on something, please do it. Do not waste their time. There is always someone else wanting a Yorkie puppy and if the breeder feels you are not fully invested in the process or the puppy, you simply will lose the right to that puppy and it will go to someone else.


If you have any queries or worries, they are there to support you and your puppy.

Treasure your puppy. It is a gift to have one, not a right.

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