Where can I find reputable Yorkie breeders?

They are there! Many people report they have been looking for a reputable breeder for two years or more. You are just not looking in the right place!

The first rules when purchasing a puppy is ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Learn about the breed. Investigate in well-known NZ online Yorkie Groups who are the breeders and where they are. Don’t just listen to one person either. You are about to pick a future commitment that could possibly last you up to 14 -18 + years. So get it right! There are two online Yorkshire Terrier Groups in New Zealand we recommend and they are:

Yorkie breeders

Yorkie breeders who breed using the guidelines

There are registered breeders that will provide a puppy that has been raised by guidelines set by DogsNZ, the National body for dogs in New Zealand. A puppy once purchased should come with registration papers. (Proof of being a pedigree).

In NZ we are also lucky to have a group of Yorkie breeders who breed using the guidelines of DogsNZ in their practices and work hard also to produce quality purebred Yorkies just like the registered breeders. These pups do not come with papers as these breeders have decided they no longer wish to be a registered breeder or have decided they don’t wish to be registered breeder. Purely interested in providing a healthy pet for someone to love. These breeders are well known individuals in Yorkie circles and recognised also as top NZ breeders.

Tread with extreme caution if buying a puppy privately or on TradeMe. Very rarely will you find a reputable breeder advertising on TradeMe as they would normally have a waiting list.

Choosing a reputable Yorkie breeder is crucial when considering a new furry companion.

Learning from experienced breeders who have already navigated the challenges is essential. That’s why our website exists – to provide a platform where we can answer your questions and offer guidance. 

We want to ensure that you have access to reliable information and make an informed decision when welcoming a Yorkie into your family. Trustworthy breeders play a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of these beloved dogs.

FAQ Yorkie Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Yorkshire Terriers.