Yorkshire Terrier Price in New Zealand: What Do I Pay for a Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier Price in New Zealand

What Do I Pay for a Yorkshire Terrier?

The price of Yorkshire Terriers in New Zealand

These toy dogs are a popular addition to any family and are becoming more and more in demand. The prices of these precious pups can vary quite considerably. Currently in New Zealand, (July 2024), the cost to purchase a Yorkie is approximately $2000 – $3000. These prices can change quite dramatically and quickly depending on the breeder, circumstance, and the NZ economy. In some cases, the pup may already be desexed and this is included in the price.

Facebook Groups for Yorkshire Terrier Enthusiasts

We have two Facebook groups aligned with this website: the Yorkshire Terrier New Zealand Official Group (Yorkie) and the Yorkie and Sidney Silky Group of New Zealand (YSSNZ) that promote the breed and support pet owners and people who wish to adopt a pure breed/pedigree Yorkshire Terrier. Joining these groups will put you in direct contact with Yorkshire Terrier Breeders who are DogNZ Registered (Pedigree), and also well-known hobby breeders (Pure Breed) that breed for the love and continuation of the Yorkshire Terrier breed in NZ. For a breeder to be recognized by these two Facebook Groups, they must have a history of breeding healthy pups with no known genetic disorders. These groups do not support crossbreeding, nor do they support backyard breeding practices.

The Importance of Research

You will often find backyard breeders and puppy mills will charge the same amount for a pup as does a registered or hobby breeder. Sometimes they even charge more as they are so focused on the $$ that they can earn by people not doing their homework and learning not only about the pup’s background but also the breeder’s background and reputation. Again, joining one of the specialized Yorkshire Terrier Groups mentioned above is a very good way of information gathering. Talking to other Yorkshire Terrier owners and the breeders within those groups along with the Group Administrators will give you the options and knowledge for you to decide where it is best to buy a pup from. This knowledge is crucial for any prospective buyer. Not only are you paying quite a substantial amount of money for a pup, but you also want to do the best you can to ensure you are buying a pup that has come from a lineage of Yorkshire Terriers with no known pre-existing medical conditions. This is so important for any breed of dog. 

Purchasing from Reputable Breeders

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Price

The best method of purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) is directly from a breeder that has a good reputation and is known amongst the New Zealand Yorkshire Terrier Community. Should you decide to purchase a dog via a NZ website where dogs are sold and purchased, please approach with due caution. Do your homework, learn about the breeder, learn of the family history of the breeding dogs plus the health of any pup you are looking at. Good breeders at times will advertise on these sites, but not often. Watch that the pricing is in line with other breeders in New Zealand.

Beware of Scams

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Beware of scammers who will often try and sell you a Yorkie for $600 or near that price. The likelihood of a Yorkshire Terrier being sold for that price in NZ is highly unlikely. Scammers and fraudsters are often based overseas but not always. They can be in New Zealand too and these people, whether in New Zealand or not, are very convincing and try at every opportunity to get you to hand money over to them. Deposits to see a pup, you cannot see the pup until you have paid the requested deposit, requiring additional money for insurance etc., the list goes on and should be seen as a red flag. They will try anything to get money from you. Do not be fooled. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to do your homework prior to purchasing a pup. The resources you need are available to help you learn what you need to know. Always double-check your information.

So, yet again, please do your homework. This is so very important. Joining a New Zealand Yorkshire Terrier Community is a better and safer way of finding a puppy. Think carefully before you buy and seek advice. 

(This article is written in good faith with the writer being very involved in the Yorkshire Terrier Community in New Zealand and is not a breeder herself)