A question that was recently asked was why do dogs lick their lips?

Several very straight forward answers come to mind immediately, and they are: Can they smell something appetizing? Or are they hungry or is it just after they have eaten? It may well indicate that they are thirsty also. 

It is also said that they will lick their lips to produce saliva which prepares their teeth and stomach for digestion.

Other reasons they may lick their lips are if they are fearful, or they could be anxious or nervous or feeling uncomfortable about something. As their owner you need to address anything that could be causing this. The licking of the lips is also a way a dog can show submission.

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If your dog is feeling nauseous, it will often lick its lips and it is probably a good sign you should get them outside for a while.

Another thing to be aware of is have you ever noticed your dog doing a motion like ‘licking at the air’ after a meal? This may be a sign of gastric upset. If your dog is licking at surfaces, gulping, and swallowing, these too are signs of gastric upset. Air licking and swallowing can be a response to acid reflux irritating their esophagus. A trip to the vet is required.

Dogs licking their lips is frequently a sign of dental disease, or some form of pain in the mouth. Do get them along to the vet for a dental check as long-term dental issues would make any of us miserable but can also lead to other very serious health conditions (Heart conditions etc).

There are many reasons a dog could begin licking its lips regularly. Do not just pass it off as a habit. This could well be a sign that there are unaddressed health issues. Get your vet to check out your precious family member.

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