Puppy Mills – What is a Puppy Mill?

Here are some suggestions of what to watch for when trying to identify a Puppy Mill in New Zealand.

1. Multiple Breeds: One of the primary characteristics of a puppy mill is that they breed and sell multiple dog breeds. While legitimate breeders usually specialize in one or two breeds, puppy mills focus on producing a large number of puppies to sell to the unwary public. 

2. Unhealthy conditions: Puppy mills often house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Dogs may be kept in small cages with no access to fresh water or proper veterinary care. Puppies may also show signs of being sick, such as lethargy, coughing, or runny noses. You may notice upon entering the property bad odour due to the unsanitary conditions. There may be fences, vehicles and the like to obstruct your view around the property.

Yorkie breeders

3. No Visitations: A reputable breeder will often allow potential buyers to visit the premises and meet the puppies and their parents. Puppy mills, however, may refuse to allow visits or may meet buyers in a public location. Or they may let you come to the property, but beware of dogs barking coming from a shed or other buildings. They may have excuses why you cannot see the parents of the pup you are looking at. 

4. Aggressive Marketing: Puppy mills often advertise their puppies through TradeMe and other means, with little or no information about the parents or living conditions of the puppies. They may also try to pressure buyers into making a purchase before they have a chance to ask questions or visit the premises. They may tell you the puppies have had a health check. Always ask for the paperwork so you can see the results from the check. Ring the vet clinic and talk directly to the clinic. They may tell you not just about the puppy but give you useful information regarding the breeder.

Hurried into purchasing a puppy

1. Never allow yourself to be pushed or hurried into purchasing a puppy. Do not accept excuses for them failing to have the information you ask for. If the breeder uses this marketing ploy, walk away!

If you suspect that a breeder or seller is running a puppy mill, you can report them to the SPCA or other animal welfare organizations in New Zealand. They can investigate and take appropriate action to ensure the welfare of the animals.

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