Puppies first Vet Check

Most good breeders will have the puppy vet health check done prior to the new parents picking up. (If not, it is very important you take your puppy for a check with your own vet as soon as you possibly can.)

What the vet will examine at a health check:

  • Body temperature, pulse and respiratory rates

  • The vet will do a full body examination, checking the body all over which includes checking the leg and hip joints, eyes, ears, nose, feet, nails, skin, coat as well as those personal little areas.

  • Will check the mouth, the teeth and gums. Checking the teeth will be ongoing as you need to ensure there are no retained baby teeth as the adult teeth grow. During this time do not be alarmed, because as the puppy is teething you may well find baby teeth that have fallen onto the carpet.

  • Eyes and ears will be looked at.

  • The vet will check the puppies abdomen for any discomfort, lumps or tightness using hands to feel.

  • Will listen to the heart and lungs.

Ensure you receive any paperwork in relation to this visit from the breeder. Being told they have had a vet check is not sufficient. You need to hear the details of the results and any reports from the vet.
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