The Yorkshire Terrier of Digital Marketing

Here at Net Branding, we believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing services and that inspiration can come from anywhere. With the recent addition of two Yorkshire Terriers to our little family we’ve been struck by just how well the feisty and energetic breed suits our company approach to all things digital marketing. Exploring these similarities has brought us no end of joy since Valentine and Aroha joined us, and we wanted to share them with you today.

Small But Mighty

We are a tight-knit team, few in number but highly skilled and dedicated to getting the best results. Like the Yorkshire Terrier we are quick and agile, responding to your specific needs and tailoring our deliverables to suit you.
Energy, Energy, Energy: terriers are well known for boundless energy and we bring that same enthusiasm to everything we do for your company. By approaching every project with the same vital energy and excitement Yorkies are famous for, we infuse your project with vibrancy that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

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Yorkies and Silky’s

Yorkshire Terriers

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Laser Focus

Yorkies were originally bred to hunt small pests in cotton mills and mines, which bred into them a laser beam of focus for their goals. When we set our sights on something, we become determined to achieve it. The team at Net Branding takes a deep dive into every project we take on and get to know your target audience, your goals, and your brand voice – this focus on getting it right means that every aspect of our digital marketing services are optimized for your success.

Attention Please

Like the Yorkshire Terrier’s undeniable charm and personality, the copy we create for your brand is eye-catching and personable. Whether this is expressed through the engaging and attractive website designs we create, compelling and approachable social media campaigns, or website copy renovations – we ensure that your brand grabs their attention and leaves a lasting impression.

In addition to these traits, we like to think that our team are all just as friendly and personable as these little dogs are! We love talking to our clients, whether you’ve known us for years or you’re just getting started with our services, and we’re always happy to chat everything digital marketing. When you partner with us, you unleash the Yorkshire Terrier magic on your digital presence and our team will bring all the associated energy, focus, and personality to everything we create for your brand.

So, get in touch today and secure our expertise for your team!

We Are Social

Yorkies and Silky’s

Yorkshire Terriers

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